Thursday, March 24, 2011

Linux conspiracy against Microsoft Windows and against you

Everybody knows now that Linux and open source community are in a war against Microsoft and its operating system Windows.
What is impressive is to see the amount of energy and ingenuity spent by Linux fans to hurt Microsoft Windows. Recently, the Linux community has found a way nobody may thought possible to prevent Windows 7 Service Pack 1  to install and, in this way, hurt Microsoft Windows 7 security and credibility.
Indeed, they were able to prevent Win 7 SP1 to install as soon as a hard drive with a Linux partition is present in the computer.
Since the reason of the installation error is not understandable for standard humans like you and me, everybody will think that Win 7 SP1 can't install because of a bug in Windows 7 when the source of the issue is in fact Linux.

This is cheap, but this is the way Linux tries to discredit Microsoft Windows.

So, be warn, Linux community is here and is fighting against you....

Ok, I confess, I should have enclosed this post with <troll></troll> or <sarcasm></sarcasm> tags. However you must agree that with such nice, well documented and well thought article I should have been published on

Last thing: the issue reported here with Win 7 SP1 installation is real. Crazy, stupid, unbelievable,... but real. This is a very bad issue from Windows 7, not Linux fault.