Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ubuntu logo used to sell Windows 7

We know that Ubuntu and Linux in general is more and more widely used.
So much used that we can see Ubuntu logo on the screen of a laptop advertised by a major electronic shop brand (The Source) both on the flyers and the home page of the web site.
You can see below pictures of the flyers and web site advertisement. But wait, this computer is sold with Windows 7, not Ubuntu.

Is Ubuntu so good that they use it to trick customer into buying Windows 7?


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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mac AppStore revolutionizes software installation???????

Have I missed something or it is the way it works on all Linux distributions for years now?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prevent mythtv from shutting down while you are connected to it

This is a simple python script I use to prevent my mythtv backend to stop when I'm connected to it with samba, http, ssh or other streaming systems...

Just replace or 192.168.0 with the ip numbers from your mythtv backend.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8

import commands
import sys

res = commands.getoutput('netstat | grep ESTABLISHED | grep -v -e .*** -e .**192.168.0.:microsoft-ds.*')
if len(res) > 10:
 I know that it is possible to use only shell script without python to do that, but I do not master shell script so feel free to modify it to use only shell.

Use this script as the command to launch before shutting down mythtv backend to verify that it can really shutdown.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do not buy a Linksys WRT610N

Since I use dd-wrt, my random deconnections on irc are gone...  Everything works perfectely!
do not hesitate, switch to dd-wrt.

 After playing a few with the v2 (switch to 5Ghz wifi N), things went wrong. Wireless G stopped working correctly like before. Connection drop, ssid disappeared, etc.. Tried factory default configuration, flash firmware again, hard 30-30-30 reset...Nothing saved my router. This router is really a shame. It is clearly defective by design! Finally, I decided to install dd-wrt on, and since this time, everything works perfectly.  To find the last versions of dd-wrt, it's here (just write wrt610n in the field and choose your version of the router). For instructions on how to flash the router, it's here for v1 and  here for v2. Follow all instructions very carefully, this manipulation is risky for your router. Be informed that you may brick your expensive router. When the tutorial says do "hard reset", this means press the reset button during several seconds until the lights on the router blink.

Last but not least: with dd-wrt you will be able to do much more things with your router than what you could do with the original firmware.

Here is a my experience with one.... in fact two Linksys WRT610N routers.
Basically, on the paper this router is really good:
  • Dual b,g,n Wifi card with 2.4 and 5Ghz support
  • 4 Gigabits ethernet connectors
  • 1 USB connecteor for mass storage disks or anything you want with specific linux distribution like dd-wrt.
When I received my first WRT610N v1, everything was fine. The 5Ghz wifi N worked perfectly with a 10MB/s (100Mb/s) bandwidth.

Then, I bought a PS3 old generation. And things started to go wrong. I switched the router to 2.4Ghz mixed b,g,n and tried to connect. The result: a very bad or impossible connection from the PS3. It seems that there is an incompatibility with the PS3. I changed my PS3 with a new slim version. The wifi started workimg correctly except that regularly, the wifi crashed, and the router needed to be rebooted. This was not a PS3 issue since all my wifi system stopped working.

Since this was not an acceptable behavior, I returned my router to the shop and get a new WRT610N v2 for free, as a replacement.

I expected major improvements with this new release. Unfortunately, things were as bad as before. The wifi regularly stopped working. It was even impossible to see the wifi (no ssid broadcast) from any of my computers. The ultimate solution I found was to set only the wifi G. With only G and no mixed mode, everything started working well.

When I say well... I don't talk about my normal connections using ethernet cable. Indeed, since I replaced this router, I am randomly disconnected from irc. This is something I never had before.

So basically, this router is really a shame, and should have been removed from the market since a long time.

It seems that most of the problems are hardware, since I tested the v1 of the router with standard firmware and dd-wrt and I had the same issues in both cases.